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New KGDN studio almost completed in the Tri-Cities.  Thanks for your help.

KYAK is running a series of newspaper ads in the local Yakima daily newspaper.   Let us know if you have seen the ads.

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Making Christian radio Possible
810 Club

The major project of your 810 Club Ministry today is to help finish up the new studio at KGDN.

Next, we plan to help with a new studio at KYAK in Yakima so that local KYAK programs originating in Yakima can be made available to the full American Christian Network.

Our first duty is to provide the day to day, basic operating costs of the Christian stations.


The "Coffee Club" was the idea of one of our members.  They wrote to say that they could not afford to send a check each month but were cutting down on their coffee consumption each month and slipping the savings into the return envelope.  They challenged everyone in there position to do the same.    They said their theme was "where there is a will, there is a way".

The "Coffee Club", as it is called, provides the opportunity for everyone to do something.

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